Table of Contents

  • The Hidden Mind

    How the Brain Creates the Mind

    We have long wondered how the conscious mind comes to be. Greater understanding of brain function ought to lead to an eventual solution

    April 1, 2002 | Antonio R. Damasio | 0

  • The Hidden Mind

    The Problem of Consciousness

    It is Now Being Explored Through the Visual System--Requiring a Close Collaboration Among Psychologists, Neuroscientists and Theorists

    April 1, 2002 | Christof Koch and Francis Crick | 0

  • Secrets of the Senses

    Vision: A Window into Consciousness

    In their search for the mind, scientists are focusing on visual perception--how we interpret what we see

    September 1, 2006 | Nikos K. Logothetis | 0

  • The Hidden Mind

    The Split Brain Revisited

    Groundbreaking work over four decades has led to ongoing insights about brain organization and consciousness

    April 1, 2002 | Michael S. Gazzaniga | 0

  • The Hidden Mind

    Sex Differences in the Brain

    Men and Women Display Patterns of Behavioral and Cognitive Differences that Reflect Varying Hormonal Influences on Brain Development

    April 1, 2002 | Doreen Kimura | 0

  • The Hidden Mind

    New Nerve Cells for the Adult Brain

    Contrary to Dogma, The Human Brain Does Produce New Nerve Cells in Adulthood. Can This Lead to Better Treatments for Neurological Diseases?

    April 1, 2002 | Fred H. Gage and Gerd Kempermann | 0

  • The Hidden Mind

    Sign Language in the Brain

    How Does the Human Brain Process Language? New Studies of Deaf Signers Hint at an Answer

    April 1, 2002 | Edward S. Klima, Gregory Hickok and Ursula Bellugi | 0

  • The Hidden Mind

    The Meaning of Dreams

    Dreams may be crucial in mammalian memory processing. Important information acquired while awake may be reprocessed during sleep

    April 1, 2002 | Jonathan Winson | 0

  • The Hidden Mind

    Emotion, Memory and the Brain

    The neural routes underlying the formation of memories about primitive emotional experiences, such as fear, have been traced

    April 1, 2002 | Joseph E. LeDoux | 0

  • The Hidden Mind

    The Neurobiology of Fear

    Researchers are Teasing Apart the Processes in the Brain that Give Rise to Various Fears in Monkeys. The Results May Lead to New Ways to Treat Anxiety in Humans

    April 1, 2002 | Ned H. Kalin | 0

  • The Hidden Mind

    The Mind-Body Interaction in Disease

    The brain and the immune system continuously signal each other, often along the same pathways, which may explain how state of mind influences health

    April 1, 2002 | Esther M. Sternberg and Philip W. Gold | 0

  • The Hidden Mind

    The Puzzle of Conscious Experience

    We are at last Plumbing One of the Most Profound Mysteries of Existence. But Knowledge of the Brain Alone may not get to the Bottom of It

    April 1, 2002 | David J. Chalmers | 0

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