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When Tables Tip

The Latest Investigations Into the Externalization of the Psychic Power

By Hereward Carrington

Uncle Sam and Radio

Further Developments in the Deliberations of the National Radio Conference and Future Probabilities

By George H. Dacy

Stop! Look! Listen!

Automatic Device Slows the Train at the "Distant" and Stops It at the "Home" Signal

By John T. Bramhall

Speeding up Radio

New Methods Employed for the Automatic Reception of Radio Telegraph Dots and Dashes

By Francis P. Mann

Plants as Inventors

Sound Engineering Principles Practiced by Members of the Vegetable Kingdom

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Planning Big Crimes

Some of the Details that Precede the Actual Commission of a Notable Robbery

By Roy A. Giles

Lumber from Sugar-Cane Waste

Bagasse the Raw Material for a Product Designed Largely to Replace Wood and Relieve Our Forests

By Charles R. Ferrall

Forecasting Earthquakes

How It Is Hoped to Make the Destructive Quake as Amenable to Prediction as the Daily Weather

By H. D. Benton

By Rail and By Water

The Combination Train and Tow Barges Invented by a Belgian Engineer for Use in the Congo

Beyond the Microscope

A Scientific Motion Picture Film That Depicts the Structure of the Atom

By S. Dushman


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