• Vaccines for Poliomyelitis

    There has been some discussion as to whether one made of "killed" viruses can be as effective as one made of live viruses. A brief account of the matter by an investigator of killed-virus vaccine

    Jonas E. Salk| April 1, 1955|

  • The T2 Mystery

    T2 is a virus which dissolves bacteria. Normally its attack is followed by the appearance of a generation of new viruses. But sometimes the Viruses appear to be missing. Why?

    Salvador E. Luria| April 1, 1955|

  • The Sea Lamprey

    This eel-like creature fastens itself to fish and sucks their blood. Within the past 25 years it has invaded Lake Huron and Lake Michigan and destroyed their teeming population of trout

    Vernon C. Applegate and James W. Moffett| April 1, 1955|

  • The Origin of Granite

    Geologists debate whether it was formed by (1) crystallization from a melt or (2) alteration of other rocks. An account of experiments on the problem which imitate conditions in the interior of the earth

    O. Frank Tuttle| April 1, 1955|

  • The Ecology of Desert Plants

    What selects the plants in an extreme environment? Is it a sort of war? The study of plants in the desert and in the laboratory indicates otherwise, which points a moral for the human species

    Frits W. Went| April 1, 1955|

  • The Anthropology of Manners

    If an American addresses a Latin from a distance of 20 inches, is he impolite? If an Arab arrives for a 2:30 appointment at 2:45, is he late? All about the customs that unconsciously shape our relations

    Edward T. Hall Jr.| April 1, 1955|

  • Man Viewed as a Machine

    "Muscle" and "brain" machines do much of his daily work. Now he conceives a machine that will reproduce itself. This once again brings up the question of whether man himself is only a machine

    John G. Kemeny| April 1, 1955|

  • International Cooperation in Nuclear Power

    The progress of European nations in developing atomic power for peaceful Purposes, President Eisenhower's "atomic pool" proposal and other recent events presage a new period in the Atomic Age

    Donald J. Hughes| April 1, 1955|

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