• The Social System of Lions

    The organization of the social unit of lions, the pride, and the behavior of the anilnals in it are a sensitive reflection of the lion's adaptation to its enviroment

    Brian C. R. Bertram| May 1, 1975|

  • The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

    There can be little doubt that civilizations more advanced than the earth's exist elsewhere in the universe. The probabilities involved in locating one of them call for a substantial effort

    Carl Sagan and Frank Drake| May 1, 1975|

  • The Molecular Biology of Poliovirus

    The agent of a once dreaded disease has become a tame laboratory organism, an excellent instrument for studying the multiplication of a virus and the cellular machinery it converts to that purpose

    David Baltimore and Deborah H. Spector| May 1, 1975|

  • Rural Market Networks

    They form geometrical patterns that provide a basis for close analysis. Two recent investigations bring out the critical role of such systems in contrasting countries: China and Guatemala

    Stuart Plattner| May 1, 1975|

  • Randomness and Mathematical Proof

    Although randomness can be precisely defined and can even be measured, a given number cannot be proved to be random. This enigma establishes a limit to what is possible in mathematics

    Gregory J. Chaitin| May 1, 1975|

  • Microcomputers

    Evolutionary successor of the minicomputer, the microcomputer is a set of microelectronic "chips" serving the various computer functions. It has opened up new realms of computer applications

    Andr G. Vacroux| May 1, 1975|

  • Forest Succession

    The study of a woods in New Jersey has yielded a predictive model for the succession of trees in a mixed forest. Two basic factors are the moisture in the soil and the geometry of leaf arrangement

    Henry S. Horn| May 1, 1975|

  • Earthquake Prediction

    Recent technical advances have brought this long-sought goal within reach. With adequate funding several countries, including the U.S., could achieve reliable long-term and short-term forecasts in a decade

    Frank Press| May 1, 1975|

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