• The Restoration of Medieval Stained Glass

    The victim of its own composition and of modern air pollution, Europe's most radiant art is now threatened with destruction. The efforts at preservation depend on knowledge of the glass

    Gottfried Frenzel| May 1, 1985|

  • The Federal Support of Mathematics

    Between the late 1960's and the start of this decade it declined by about a third, and without new Federal initiatives the future health of mathematics is at risk. A plan for renewal is presented

    Edward E. David| May 1, 1985|

  • Perceiving a Stable Environment

    We perceive our surroundings as stable in spite of the relative motion given the environment by our own movement, because the perceptual system can compensate for such displacements

    Hans Wallach| May 1, 1985|

  • Molting in the Blue Crab

    The blue crab intermittently sheds its shell and forms a new one. One result is a summer delicacy: soft-shell crabs. The chemistry underlying the formation of a new shell is now being illuminated

    James N. Cameron| May 1, 1985|

  • Molecular Approaches to Malaria Vaccines

    Study of genes encoding the molecules of the malaria parasite's outer coat reveals a class of proteins forming repeated antigenic sites. They may serve as decoys deflecting the immune response

    G. Nigel Godson| May 1, 1985|

  • How a Supernova Explodes

    When a large star runs out of nuclear fuel, the core collapses in milliseconds. The subsequent "bounce" of the core generates a shock wave so intense that it blows off most of the star's mass

    Hans A. Bethe and Gerald Brown| May 1, 1985|

  • Crystals at High Pressure

    X-ray studies of crystals compressed between a pair of gem-quality diamonds reveal a range of responses to increased pressure. Changes in atomic structure are best viewed in terms of polyhedral geometry

    Larry W. Finger and Robert M. Hazen| May 1, 1985|

  • Cheese

    Each of the 2,000 varieties is made from mammalian milk in a process consisting of some nine steps. The measures taken at particular steps determine the variety produced

    Frank V. Kosikowski| May 1, 1985|

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