• Paradoxes of Musical Pitch

    Certain series of tones appear to ascend or descend infinitely in pitch. Other patterns change when shifted in key and indicate an influence of speech on the perception of music

    Diana Deutsch| August 1, 1992|

  • Naked Mole Rats

    Most of these colonial rodents are nonreproductive workers who attend a fertile queen. In this regard, their social structure closely resembles that of some insects

    Paul W. Sherman, Jennifer U. M. Jarvis and Stanton H. Braude| August 1, 1992|

  • How Cosmology Became a Science

    The discovery of the cosmic microwave background in the 1960s established the big bang theory and made cosmology into an empirical science

    Stephen G. Brush| August 1, 1992|

  • Evolution Comes to Life

    Reconstructing extinct humans as they were in life poses many unfamiliar and awkward problems for paleontologists accustomed to interpreting evolution from bones and teeth alone

    Ian Tattersall| August 1, 1992|

  • Dynamics of Kilauea Volcano

    Kilauea is one of the most thoroughly studied volcanoes in the world. That scrutiny is helping scientists to understand how volcanoes work and to predict where other destructive eruptions might occur

    John J. Dvorak, Carl Johnson and Robert I. Tilling| August 1, 1992|

  • Bacterial Endotoxins

    An integral part of many bacteria, these molecules are at once brutal and beneficial to humans. Efforts are under way to block the bad effects and harness the good

    Ernst Theodor Rietschel and Helmut Brade| August 1, 1992|

  • Air Trains

    The nearly 100-year-old dream of building a vehicle able to fly atop a magnetic cushion has captured the imagination of a U.S. senator and a few graying engineers who predate the pocket calculator.

    Gary Stix| August 1, 1992|

  • Achieving Electronic Privacy

    A cryptographic invention known as a blind signature permits numbers to serve as electronic cash or to replace conventional identification. The author hopes it may return control of personal information to the individual

    David Chaum| August 1, 1992|

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