• The Top-Secret Life of Lev Landau

    KGB archives reveal that the Soviet genius co-authored an anti-Stalin manifesto

    | August 1, 1997|

  • The Machinery of Thought

    Studies of the brains of monkeys and, more recently, of humans are revealing the neural underpinnings of working memory, one of the mind's most crucial functions

    | August 1, 1997|

  • Space Age Archaeology

    Remote-sensing techniques are transforming archaeology. Excavations may become less essential as researchers explore hiddensites and examine buried artifacts without unearthing them

    | August 1, 1997|

  • Mitochondrial DNA in Aging and Disease

    Defects in DNA outside the chromosomes--in cell structures called mitochondria--can cause an array of disorders, perhaps including many that debilitate the elderly

    | August 1, 1997|

  • Lightning between Earth and Space

    Scientists discover a curious variety of electrical activity going on above thunderstorms

    | August 1, 1997|

  • Lightning Control with Lasers

    Scientists seek to deflect damaging lightning strikes using specially engineered lasers

    | August 1, 1997|

  • Glandular Gifts

    The way to a katydid's heart is throughher stomach

    | August 1, 1997|

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