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Why the Y is so Weird

Our X and Y chromosomes make an odd couple. The X resembles any other chromosome, but the Ythe source of malenessis downright strange. How did the two come to differ so much?

By Karin Jegalian and Bruce T. Lahn

The Science of Persuasion

Salespeople, politicians, friends and family all have a stake in getting you to agree to their requests. Social psychology has determined the basic principles that govern getting to "yes"

By Robert B. Cialdini

In Pursuit of the Ultimate Lamp

Full-spectrum light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are becoming widespread—and the race is on to develop white-light versions to replace Edison's century-old incandescent bulb

By M. George Craford, Nick Holonyak Jr. and Frederick A. Kish Jr.

Safeguarding Our Water

We drink it, we generate electricity with it, we soak our crops with it. And we're stretching our supplies to the breaking point. Will we have enough clean water to satisfy the world's needs?

By Peter H. Gleick


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