December 2008


  • Regrowing Borneo's Rainforest--Tree by Tree

    Regrowing Borneo, Tree by Tree

    To save orangutans, scientist Willie Smits is restoring a rain forest—and creating new livelihoods for the Indonesian families who help him

    | December 1, 2008|

  • Carbon-Offset Cowboys Let Their Grass Grow

    Carbon Cowboys

    Ranchers in Montana are being paid by polluters to keep their grass unmowed

    Ashley Ahearn| December 1, 2008|

  • Shark-Smitten Tourists Help Save Guadalupe's Great Whites

    Sharking Guadalupe

    Ecotourism has become the unlikely protector of the unexpectedly endangered great white sharks

    | December 1, 2008|

  • Chicago's Plans to Go Green

    Chicago Goes Green

    Mayor Richard Daley has unveiled an aggressive plan to transform the old, gritty city. If he can pull it off, other cities might follow

    Josh Boak| December 1, 2008|

  • Clean Cities and Dirty Coal Power--China's Energy Paradox

    China's Energy Paradox

    China is aggressively building cleaner cities and renewable power supplies, but the relentless expansion of dirty coal may suffocate those efforts. A firsthand look

    | December 1, 2008|

  • Can Nuclear Power Compete?

    Can Nuclear Power Compete?

    Newly approved reactor designs could reduce global warming and fossil-fuel dependence, but utilities are grappling with whether better nukes make market sense

    Matthew L. Wald| December 1, 2008|

  • The U.S. Needs to Lead in Clean Tech

    The Need to Lead in Clean Tech

    Steve Mirsky talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Thomas L. Friedman on how green technology can save the world economy

    Steve Mirsky and Thomas L. Friedman| December 1, 2008|

  • Turning the Tide

    Several companies are trying to convert experimental ocean energy plants into commercial powerhouses

    | December 1, 2008|

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