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50, 100 & 150 YEARS FROM NOW In an idea that stems from our hugely popular "50, 150 & 150 Year Ago" monthly feature, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN looks forward, crystallizing what our world could look like in the future PRINT + IPAD IOS: November 9, 2012
iPAD MATERIALS: November 16, 2012
PRINT MATERIALS: November 20, 2012
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: December 17, 2012
PRINT ON SALE DATE: December 25, 2012
NEUROSCIENCE How unconscious processes occurring just below our conscious awareness play a big part in what we do and how we act in our daily life. PRINT + IPAD IOS: December 10, 2012
iPAD MATERIALS: December18, 2012
PRINT MATERIALS: December 20, 2012
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: January 15, 2013
PRINT ON SALE DATE: January 22, 2013
THE EVOLUTION OF CREATIVITY Why after hundreds of thousands of years of little change, humans underwent a behavior and cognitive revolution that led to the emergence of art, music, language and new technologies. PRINT + IPAD IOS: January 10, 2013
iPAD MATERIALS: January 17, 2013
PRINT MATERIALS: January 21, 2013
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: February 19, 2013
PRINT ON SALE DATE: February 26, 2013
IMPORTANT NEW ADVANCES IN HEALTH Recently scientists have been making huge strides, devising new ways of repairing heart tissue and spinal neurons, and growing replacement organs in the lab. This special report on regenerative medicine will be a prime information resource for healthcare consumers and influencers. PRINT + IPAD IOS: February 11, 2013
iPAD MATERIALS: February 15, 2013
PRINT MATERIALS: February 20, 2013
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: March 19, 2013
PRINT ON SALE DATE: March 26, 2013
THE FUTURE OF MANUFACTURING SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN takes a fresh look at some life-changing new concepts in manufacturing including nanomaterials, 3D printing and computational-intensive design. PRINT + IPAD IOS: March 11, 2013
iPAD MATERIALS: March 18, 2013
PRINT MATERIALS: March 20, 2013
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: April 16, 2013
PRINT ON SALE DATE: April 23, 2013
FLOODING IN THE NORTHEAST The Northeast portion of the United States is particularly vulnerable to swells (as we learned during Superstorm Sandy). What should we be doing to avoid future disasters? PRINT + IPAD IOS: April 10, 2013
iPAD MATERIALS: April 17, 2013
PRINT MATERIALS: April 19, 2013
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: May 14, 2013
PRINT ON SALE DATE: May 21, 2013
NOBEL LAUREATE SUMMIT IN LINDAU SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN draws back the curtain for a rare glimpse of lessons learned from some of the most dazzling thinkers in the world: Nobel Laureates. We'll also take a look at "30 under 30," the rising stars in chemistry who will drive the future of science. PRINT + IPAD IOS: May 10, 2013
iPAD MATERIALS: May 16, 2013
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: June 18, 2013
PRINT ON SALE DATE: June 25, 2013
SOLUTIONS FOR EDUCATION This package discusses the current state of U.S. education, what we’re doing now (including the best programs, tools for parents and more) and what the future will bring to change the face of how kids learn. PRINT + IPAD IOS: June 11, 2013
iPAD MATERIALS: June 18, 2013
PRINT MATERIALS: June 20, 2013
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: July 16, 2013
PRINT ON SALE DATE: July 23, 2013
SINGLE TOPIC ISSUE Traditionally one of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN's best selling issues and a popular reader favorite. As with all of SA's single-topic issues, this year's will have several longer in-depth features complimented by shorter takes and our signature info graphics. (topic to come) PRINT + IPAD IOS: July 10, 2013
iPAD MATERIALS: July 17, 2013
PRINT MATERIALS: July 19, 2013
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: August 20, 2013
PRINT ON SALE DATE: August 27, 2013
GLOBAL SCIENCE SCORECARD Who's leading in science in terms of growth, impact, money spent on research, number of scientists and migration of scientists. This second annual global survey done in collaboration with Nature will assess innovation capacities across the globe, with a quantitative, country-by-country analysis. PRINT + IPAD IOS: August 9, 2013
iPAD MATERIALS: August 16, 2013
PRINT MATERIALS: August 20, 2013
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: September 17, 2013
PRINT ON SALE DATE: September 24, 2013
PRIVACY REPORT Is it possible to build a world of technology around us while still retaining some semblance of privacy? PRINT + IPAD IOS: September 10, 2013
iPAD MATERIALS: September 18, 2013
PRINT MATERIALS: September 20, 2013
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: October 15, 2013
PRINT ON SALE DATE: October 22, 2013
WORLD CHANGING IDEAS Now in its fifth successful year, this popular annual issue continues to deliver on its core mission to uncover the 10 greatest ideas — emerging concepts and cutting edge technologies — that will revolutionize the ways we live and work. PRINT + IPAD IOS: October 10, 2013
iPAD MATERIALS: October 17, 2013
PRINT MATERIALS: October 21, 2013
iPAD LAUNCH DATE: November 19, 2013
PRINT ON SALE DATE: November 26, 2013