Mission Statement


SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN is the world’s leading source and authority for science and technology information for science-interested citizens, delivering understandable, credible and provocative content to an audience of more than 5 million people worldwide. The magazine is independently ranked among the Top 10 US consumer media* for “Most Credible” and “Most Objective.”

Founded in 1845 on the commitment to bring first-hand developments in modern science to our audience, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN is the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States. SA boasts over 140 Nobel laureate authors in our 165 years—the most of any consumer magazine.

From alternative energy and environmental science, to biotechnology and medical research, to information systems and civil infrastructure, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN charts the path for individuals and industries that are searching for answers to today’s most challenging and complex questions.


*Erdos & Morgan 2008-2009 Opinion Leader Study