Taiwan-Island of Innovation

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Long known as a worldwide center for the manufacture of semiconductors and components, Taiwan is rapidly emerging as a strategic center for advanced technologies; engineering and design in fields as diverse as biotech, medical devices, cloud computing and solar energy solutions.

Taiwan's National Science Council partnered with SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN to produce a Special Advertising Section, Taiwan - Island of Innovation. Their goal: to promote this dynamic transformation to an audience of C-level business executives and industry influencers, leading academics, policy makers and investors.

As a showcase media vehicle, the Taiwan Section offered sponsors an authoritative voice to inform SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN's audience of the profitable innovation that's taking place in Taiwan. Each sponsor received multiple opportunities to spotlight their benefits -- in print and online.

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The print vehicle appeared in the worldwide edition of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN - reaching an estimated 3.5 million readers. The Taiwan Special Section also appears on SCIENTIFICAMERICAN.com for a full year, and promoted via a 3-million impression traffic-driving campaign. Sponsors were invited to place links to additional multi-media materials on the web destination. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN also produced reprints of the Section for further marketing initiatives.

Sponsors included:

  • Taiwan's Industrial Technology Institute, a non-profit R&D organization engaged in applied research and industrial service
  • Academica Sinica, the most preeminent academic institution in Taiwan
  • National Cheng Kung University, one of Taiwan's top research-oriented universities and a leader in academic/industrial cooperation
  • Southern Taiwan Science Park, Taiwan's leading innovation incubator