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Quantitative Protein Biomarker LC-MS / MS Scientist

Employer: Indam Inc
Posted: June 3, 2014
Expires: July 31, 2014
Requisition number: 10879

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Only US Citizens and Greencard holders can apply

Job Title: Quantitative Protein Biomarker LC-MS/MS Scientist Work Location: Andover, MA Start Date: 16- Jun-2014 End Date: 14- Jun--2015 Job Title: Clinical-Scientific Bench Scientist Job Description: -> Job Focus: A position is available for a skilled Bioanalytical scientist to join a state-of-the-art Mass Spectrometry Laboratory with deep expertise in protein quantitation. The lab based role entails the development of ultra-sensitive quantitative assays for proteins targeted by therapeutics to provide information on target concentration ranges in serum or tissue as well as binding partnerstoichiometries. This position requires strong Bioanalytical expertise, solid background in protein biochemistry, proven expertise in immunoanalytical procedures and triple quadrupole quantitative mass spectrometry. The candidate will participate in all phases of Mass Spec Laboratory operations including the development of sample preparation and separation methods, assay execution, instrument maintenance Responsibilities: Apply existing protein quantitation workflows using bead and column based immunoaffinity enrichment including the use of liquid handling robotics. Run Bioanalytical assays under minimal supervision; initiative in method development is expected. Independent daily operation, calibration, maintenance, and trouble shooting of multi-dimensional nanoliquid chromatography and nanospray triple quadrupole mass spectrometry instrumentation. Support analysis of quantitative LC-MS/MS data using relevant bioinformatics and quantitation software, data analysis and reporting. Qualifications, Technical Skills and Experience: BS/MS level education in biochemistry, biology or chemistry or related fields required; advanced degree may be a plus. Industry experience in Bio-Pharma preferred. Extensive expertise in the operation and maintenance of mass spectrometers. Experience with basic and complex quantitative protein LC-MS/MS assays. Track record of method development skills particularly with novel and complex methods applied to Bioanalytical questions. Work well both independently and as part of a team. Collaborative skills and effective partnering skills in a matrix-environment. Strong data organization and analysis skills. Strong communication skills.

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