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Postdoctoral Position in Informatics and Computational Toxicology

Employer: National Institutes of Health- National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences
Posted: June 9, 2014
Expires: August 1, 2014
Requisition number:

Science jobs from National Institutes of Health- National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences:
Background: To meet the challenges of toxicology research in the 21st century, the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS, has formed a partnership, the Tox21 initiative, with the National Toxicology Program, the U.S. FDA and the U.S. EPA to develop a high throughput screening (HTS) program. The goal of this program is to prioritize chemicals for further in-depth toxicological evaluation, to identify mechanisms of chemical toxicity, and finally to develop predictive models for in vivo biological response in humans.

Job Description: We are seeking highly motivated individuals to work as NIH Postdoctoral Fellows on the Tox21 research projects in informatics and computational toxicology. The NCATS has a unique and exciting environment employing state-of-art technologies on assay development, chemical screening and profiling for toxicology research.

This post doctoral fellow will take on one or more of the following projects: analyze large data sets generated from HTS assays, develop novel methods to identify and prioritize toxicity response pathways for assay development and compound testing, build predictive models for different in vivo toxicity endpoints using chemical structural data, genomic data, and in vitro assay data, and generate testable hypotheses on compound mechanism of toxicity. The candidate will be familiar with the public genomic and genetic databases and capable of data mining using complex datasets. The successful candidate will also have experience building and integrating genomic databases, and working at the interface of genomic and chemoinformatic information. The fellow will work closely with informatics scientists and biologists in the Center to aid in data interpretation and project development.

Minimum requirements include a Ph.D. degree in a science field, extensive experience with one or more programming languages, and knowledge in database queries and data retrieval. Background in chemo or bioinformatics, biology, chemistry or toxicology is preferred. Experience in 2D or 3D modeling, large data set manipulation or data mining is a plus. Good track record of publication is preferred as well.

Applicants must be US citizens, legal residents, or possess a valid work permit, in order to be considered for the position.

To apply: Applicants should send a letter stating their research interests and goals, a CV including bibliography, and arrange for three letters of reference to be sent by e-mail to Ruili Huang,

Don't forget to mention NatureJobs when applying.

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