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Postdoctoral fellow in RNA genomics

Employer: Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
Posted: June 11, 2014
Expires: August 10, 2014
Requisition number:

Science jobs from Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR):
One postdoc position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Yue Wan at the Genome Institute of Singapore. My laboratory is broadly interested in using biochemical and genomics approaches to study how RNA structures impact RNA function in the cell.

How an RNA folds into its secondary and tertiary structure is crucial for its function. While traditionally RNA structures are studied in a low throughput manner, recent advances in high throughput sequencing has enabled the simultaneous determination of thousands of RNA secondary structures in solution. This greatly expands our ability to study RNA structural organization in the cell and how this organization impacts gene regulation. Being one of the first people to develop high throughput RNA structure probing, my laboratory is interested in utilizing and extending existing high throughput approaches to understand how RNAs function in microbial and mammalian systems(Kertesz et al., 2010; Wan et al., 2011; Wan et al., 2012; Wan et al., 2014).

I am seeking a highly motivated and independent postdoctoral fellow with a proven academic track record and interest in interdisciplinary research. The successful candidate should have a Ph.D in molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, genetics or related field and have rich experience in RNA biology, cell biology and genomics. The postdoc will have opportunities to interact closely with bioinformaticians and other research groups in the Genome Institute of Singapore.

Interested candidates should submit a detailed CV to Dr. Yue Wan ( and a research state of why you are interested in joining our lab. Shortlisted candidates will be required to submit three reference letters.

Reference List Kertesz, M., Wan, Y., Mazor, E., Rinn, J.L., Nutter, R.C., Chang, H.Y., and Segal, E. (2010). Genome-wide measurement of RNA secondary structure in yeast. Nature 467, 103-107. *equal contribution

Wan, Y., Kertesz, M., Spitale, R.C., Segal, E., and Chang, H.Y. (2011). Understanding the transcriptome through RNA structure. Nat. Rev. Genet. 12, 641-655.

Wan, Y., Qu, K., Ouyang, Z., Kertesz, M., Li, J., Tibshirani, R., Makino, D.L., Nutter, R.C., Segal, E., and Chang, H.Y. (2012). Genome-wide Measurement of RNA Folding Energies. Mol. Cell 48, 169-181.

Wan, Y., Qu, K., Zhang, Q.C., Flynn, R.A., Manor, O., Ouyang, Z., Zhang, J., Spitale, R.C., Snyder, M.P., Segal, E., and Chang, H.Y. (2014). Landscape and variation of RNA secondary structure across the human transcriptome. Nature 505, 706-709. *equal contribution

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