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Employer: Otto-Von-Guericke University Magdeburg
Posted: June 13, 2014
Expires: July 25, 2014
Requisition number:

Science jobs from Otto-Von-Guericke University Magdeburg:
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg The Institute of Experimental Internal Medicine offers a:

Postdoctoral position (E13, TV-L) (m/f)

Applicants who have a commitment to scientific excellence as documented by a strong publication record are especially encouraged to apply. We are looking for an energetic colleague with high interest in biomedical research and solid background in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology. We are interested in delineating mechanisms by which NF-kB pathways regulate cellular processes, e.g. innate immunity in pathogen infection or DNA damage response. The research program of the institute encompasses scientific projects on Signal Transduction and Molecular Pathogenesis in Infection Biology, Inflammation and Cancer. The basic and translational research studies focus on clinically important intracellular signal transmission pathways, involving the assembly of protein complexes within signaling cascades and a variety of posttranslational modifications with a special emphasis on the NF-kB network. For the comprehensive analysis of the regulatory networks in the cell, we rely on methods in Mass Spectrometry and innovative approaches in Systems Biomedicine to evaluate the obtained data. The molecules of interest studied in the process of molecular pathogenesis could represent protein biomarkers. Herein, exclusive proteins with a special emphasis on predictive indicators of disease are studied for therapeutic intervention and drug discovery. The institute cooperates with the clinics of the Centre of Internal Medicine in teaching and re-search and coordinates or participates in a variety of coordinated programs funded by the German Research Foundation (GRK1167, SFB854, SFB779) and the Federal Ministry of Edu-cation and Research (e:Bio). Further, the institute is member of the interdisciplinary "Research Center Dynamic Systems: Biosystems Engineering" funded by the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt within the "Excellence Program".

The Otto von Guericke University wishes to increase the proportion of female academic per-sonnel. Women are therefore explicitly encouraged to apply. Handicapped persons with equivalent qualification will be given preference.

Please send your application together with the usual documents (CV, list of publications, pre-sent and past extramural funding etc.) to: Prof. M. Naumann ( For further information please visit our webpage:

Don't forget to mention NatureJobs when applying.

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