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Research Chemist

Employer: Spectra Group Limited
Posted: June 16, 2014
Expires: July 31, 2014
Requisition number:

Science jobs from Spectra Group Limited:
Job title: Research Chemist (at the Spectra Group Limited, Millbury, Ohio)

Job duties: Research and develop novel formulations, including photoinitiator blends, for radical and cationic polymerization to meet clients' requirements in various industries, especially, light-curable formulations such as UV-curable adhesives, UV LED curable coatings, light-curable protective coatings on metals and plastics. This position requires extensive understanding of photochemical mechanisms and interactions between light and matter, as well as structure-property relationship for fully developed formulations. Specific duties include active contributions to the R&D team to drive innovation; regular project progress summaries and technical presentations to R&D and marketing groups; ensuring that customer, sales, and technical service have all technical information needed to properly use and promote new formulations; maintain laboratory records; stay current with patent and chemical literature; prepare samples, test materials, and report data.

Job requirements: MS degree in chemistry with emphasis on photochemistry; 6 months experience as Research Chemist, related experience must include research in photochemistry, photoinitiator mechanistic understanding and light-curable formulations structure-property relationship.

Contact: Please mail resume to Spectra Group Limited, Inc., 27800 Lemoyne, Suite J, Millbury, OH 43447.

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