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Polarization and modal condensation in optical fibers for telecom applications

Employer: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Posted: June 18, 2014
Expires: August 15, 2014
Requisition number:

Science jobs from Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS):
This PhD position is funded by the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant) in the context of the PETAL project "Polarization CondEnsation for Telecom AppLications". The position is open the 1st October 2014 for three years in the ICB laboratory (CNRS/Université de Bourgogne) in Dijon (France). The aim of the project is to provide a novel approach to polarization control issue in optical fibers and to transform this parameter into an additional fully exploited asset rather than a problem to be avoided. While current opto-electronic technologies are principally based on complex active-feedback loop control and algorithms, the breakthrough idea of PETAL is to explore a new type of phenomenon based on the unexpected ability of light to self-trap and self-stabilize its own polarization state. Based on a nonlinear four-wave mixing process occurring in optical fibers, this all-optical device called Omnipolarizer is able to provide a high efficient polarization trapping of any arbitrary incoming signal. This PhD project will consist in exploring and experimentally exploiting this nonlinear phenomenon as well as to go beyond the polarization issues in such a way to generalize this concept for spatial mode multiplexing applications. The candidate should have knowledge in the field of nonlinear optics and optical fibers. He/She should show good capacities in oral and written English expression and be able to present research results verbally in international conferences. The candidate will be welcome in the ICB laboratory (CNRS) localized in the University of Burgundy in the city of Dijon (France) and more specifically in the team SLCO Soliton, Laser and Optical Communications.

Candidate : Master's degree in optics, engineer. Knowledge in nonlinear optics, optical fibers. Good skills in Matlab. Good English oral and written communication skills.

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