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6 Research Professors

Employer: Ghent University
Posted: July 30, 2014
Expires: September 22, 2014
Requisition number:

Science jobs from Ghent University:
Ghent University is one of the most important and fastest-growing institutions for research and higher education in the Low Countries of Europe. Every day its 6,000 staff members and 30,000 students help realise the university's motto "Dare to Think". Quality education, internationally recognised research and a pluralist commitment to society characterise Ghent University's mission. As part of its increasing academic status, the University gives notice of

6 Full-time position(s) as Professor in the rank of assistant professor (tenure track), associate professor or (senior) full professor with a focus on scientific research funded by the Special Research Fund (BOF).

6 full-time positions in the rank of assistant professor (tenure track), associate professor or (senior) full professor, in Ghent University, will be available with effect from 1/10/2015.

Candidates from all fields of expertise can apply. At least one position will be available for Humanities and Social Sciences, one for Sciences and Applied Sciences, and one for Biomedical and Health Sciences. The selection procedure will be highly competitive.

The new Academic Staff members will be granted the privilege of focusing primarily on research for a period of 5 years possibly extended to a maximum of ten years. During that time the teaching load limited to no more than 8 credits per semester on average over a period of 3 years. Subsequently, the time devoted to education, research and service to society may be altered by the university management.

The rank of assistant professor (tenure track), associate professor or (senior) full professor will be decided by the university board, depending on the specific profile of the selected candidate.

- A position in the rank of assistant professor includes: a full-time tenure track position; a 5-year contract which will become a permanent position in the rank of associate professor. This promotion is linked to the achievement of predefined personalized goals; * terms of employment equivalent to all autonomous academic staff of Ghent University.

At Ghent University, the possibility of promotion in the rank of assistant professor and associate professor is linked to the achievement of predefined personalized goals.

- A position in the rank of associate professor or (senior) full professor includes: a permanent contract, although an initial probationary period of maximum 3 years may be required; terms of employment as applicable to all autonomous academic staff of Ghent University.

Profile - candidates are expected to: - Hold a PhD degree with doctoral thesis or a degree recognized as equivalent, and have at least two years of post-doctoral research experience by 1/10/2015; - Have carried out excellent research, proven by, among other things, recent outstanding publications in national and international peer reviewed journals and/or books; - Have experience in supervising research and/or coaching Ph.D. students; - Possess the necessary didactic, organisational and communication skills for teaching at third level; - International research experience is an asset. Stays abroad at research institutions and institutions for higher education other than the institution that granted the Ph.D. degree, are taken into account for this criterion.

Applicants should measure up to the language proficiency as mentioned in Art. II.270 of the code concerning higher education in Flanders. The administrative and teaching language used at Ghent University is Dutch, but in case one doesn't speak Dutch, it is also possible to apply. In accordance with the code, in case the candidate has an education assignment, one should have proficiency in the language in which one teaches. This means that the candidate needs to have proficiency on an CEFR-level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) C1. Even if a candidate with an education assignment, isn't teaching a training component in Dutch, one should have proficiency in the Dutch language on an CEFR-level B2. One should meet the requirements within 3 years after the recruitment or appointment.

Ghent University is an equal opportunities institution. Applications from female researchers are therefore particularly welcome. The university board aims at a gender balance, in which a maximum of three fifths of the academic staff with a PhD degree is of the same gender. As long as this goal is not achieved at the level of the group of scientific disciplines involved, the university board will in principle, for positions within this group, give priority to candidates of the underrepresented gender but only in case of equal qualifications of the candidates. This priority is not automatic nor unconditional; the personal situation of each candidate always needs to be taken into account in the evaluation.

Further information concerning these vacancies can be requested from the Research Coordination Office at Ghent University: phone + 32 9 264 30 33 (dr. Dirk De Craemer); e-mail

How to apply Applications should be sent no later than 22/9/2014 by e-mail to , using the specific application form for BOF positions. Proof of competency (e.g., copies of the applicant's diplomas) should also be sent at this stage, together with an explanation of the main research assignment of the scientific research proposed by the candidate during the BOF position. This "research plan" should comprise at least three and no more than five pages in English, together with an English summary on one page. Please merge all the documents in one file. The candidate will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the application.

The requisite BOF-ZAP application form can be requested from Ghent University, Department of Personnel and Organisation, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium, or requested via telephone +32 (0)9 264 30 38 or +32 (0)9 264 95 48. The application form can also be downloaded from the internet,

Don't forget to mention NatureJobs when applying.

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