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PhD Graduates in Bionanotechnology for Functional Nanomaterials and Biomedical Applications @ Nanjing University / BME : Nanjing, China

Employer: Nanjing University
Posted: August 3, 2014
Expires: October 2, 2014
Requisition number:

Science jobs from Nanjing University:
Research of our lab ( in Department of Biomedical Engineering at Nanjing University is at the interface of biomedical sciences and engineering, chemistry, materials science, and nanotechnology. We are designing and developing functional materials for human health, environment, and energy-related applications. We are also applying nanotechnology, combined with other emerging techniques, to address today's most demanding and daunting challenges in many areas, such as disease diagnostics and therapeutics.

We are looking for highly creative students to join us to pursue their PhD degrees. Prospective students are expected to be creative, self-motivated, and have excellent academic achievements in a major field of Bio(medical) Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biochemistry, Medicine, Polymer, Pharmaceutical Science, or a closely related discipline.

For more details, please visit: _

For more information about Nanjing University graduate degree program, please visit Graduate School website at:_

Prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr. Wei directly at: weihui{at} or huiwei.hw{at}

Don't forget to mention NatureJobs when applying.

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