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Craving for Sex May Trip Other Hungers in Men

Watching women in bikinis tends to make men more impulsive when it comes to monetary decisions. Christie Nicholson reports.

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Sex is back—with the movie Sex and the City opening this week in New York City to record-breaking crowds.

So, what better time to look at an interesting effect of sexual images.

Men who watch a video of bikini-clad women or fondle lingerie are apt to be more impatient to receive other rewarding stimuli, like money, candy or even soda—according to research published last week in the Journal of Consumer Behavior.

Three studies included a total of 348 men, from 17 to 39 years.

After seeing pics or videos of sexy women or handling a bra, men consistently preferred immediate gratification: They chose to receive a small sum of money right away, over receiving a large sum later.

Previous studies show that erotic stimuli tap into the same brain circuits as money and drug rewards do. This research further supports the idea that one stimuli, sexy images, can leak into a craving for different stimuli, like money—at least in half the human race.

No similar effects reported for women…yet.

I mean Sex and the City's Samantha starts stuffing her face with guacamole after ogling a sexy male neighbor in the shower.

Then again, Samantha is considered the most masculine of the four female characters….


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