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Scientific American, July 01, 2013
Scientific American July 2013

Scientific American, June 01, 2013
Scientific American June 2013

Scientific American, May 01, 2013
Scientific American May 2013

Scientific American, April 01, 2013
Scientific American April 2013

Scientific American, March 01, 2013
Scientific American March 2013

Scientific American, February 01, 2013
Scientific American February 2013

Scientific American, January 01, 2013
Scientific American January 2013

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  • ferrisjabr "The bumboat woman sat w/ her lap full of apples, as if she were about to serve a customer, though a blueness abt the lips hinted the truth"
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  • ferrisjabr "the ice, of singular transparency, was yet the hardness of steel. So could be seen, congealed at depth, here a porpoise, there a flounder"
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  • ferrisjabr "At Norwich a young countrywoman started to cross the road & was seen to turn visibly to powder & be blown in a puff of dust over the roofs"
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