Navigating our WWI Chronicles

This digital anthology collects 1,200 articles published in Scientific American between 1914 and 1918. The collection features contemporary reports on naval, aviation and military technology, eyewitness accounts from the European theater of the Great War, and extensive coverage of the industry, economy and social changes on the home front.

By clicking the topic names on the left, you can filter these articles for a customizable, topic-specific view into the archive. Selecting more than one will combine the topics. For example: selecting “Articles with Pictures” and “Naval Warfare” will return all articles with images about naval warfare. To remove a topic filter, click the “X” icon next to that filter’s name. If you have zero results for your selection, you may need to change your selections.
Signed-in customers with an “All Access” subscription, or customers who have purchased access to this anthology can download the PDFs for each article by clicking on the green download arrow corresponding with the article’s title. 

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