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The Neuropsychology of Brain Injury
The Neuropsychology of Brain Injury

Dates: January 18 – 29, 2016
Registration Closes: Wednesday, Jan. 13, 5:00 PM, EST


Brain injury is a major public health issue, affecting people of all ages. Dr. Lynn Schaefer, a board certified clinical neuropsychologist and brain injury specialist, will explain the different types of brain injury and the difficulties with thinking, memory, and behavior that may result from damage to the brain. Dr. Schaefer will discuss the neuropathology of brain injury and why certain brain regions are more vulnerable to injury than others. She will also describe both the cognitive and psychiatric symptoms of brain injury as well as the roles of the many rehabilitation specialists that care for people with brain injury. Finally, there will be a discussion about how to help prevent this “silent epidemic” of brain injury.

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