The 2010 Nobel Prizes

Scientific American covers this year's winners, whose work includes advances in the study of nanotechnology, the building of complex organic compounds, the development of in vitro fertilization and the understanding of "search friction" in the job market

Robert Edwards Wins the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for Pioneering In Vitro Fertilization [Update]

Edwards's work with Patrick Steptoe resulted in the first birth of a test-tube baby--Louise Brown in 1978


Graphene Researchers Geim and Novoselov Win Nobel Prize in Physics [Updated]

One-atom-thick sheets of carbon have been on the scene for just six years but have already drawn a wealth of research interest


Nobel Prize in Chemistry Honors Technique for Synthesizing Complex Compounds [Updated]

Three chemists will share the award for developing chemical reactions that enable the building of complex organic compounds with wide applications in medicine, industry and agriculture


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