AIDS Today--And Tomorrow

On World AIDS Day, we look at the outcome of PEPFAR, President Bush's international AIDS program, the aftermath of a controversial HIV-prevention trial, and the future of microbicides--women-controlled AIDS prevention

The U.S.'s $18.8-Billion Global AIDS Initiative--5 Years Later

The Bush administration's international AIDS program has been hailed as a success story, but will President-elect Obama follow through with a higher quality, fewer-strings-attached plan?


Protecting Women from HIV--Docs Hopeful About Microbicides

Despite disappointing study results, scientists haven't given up on creating an effective way for women to protect themselves against HIV


Can HIV Infection Be Prevented with a Once-Daily Pill?

Once the bane of global activists and politicians in developing nations, pre-exposure HIV preventatives are being tested in AIDS-stricken Africa


Fact or Fiction?: Circumcision Helps Prevent HIV Infection

We unpack whether a controversial prevention method works


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