Alternative Energy and the Future of Our Fuels

Novel fuels, "green" sources and new technologies will enable us to get around in more environmentally friendly ways

A New Leaf: New Catalyst Boosts Artificial Photosynthesis as a Solar Alternative to Fossil Fuel

Scientists have found a single catalyst for artificial photosynthesis that could create storable solar energy in a liquid or gaseous form for use in transportation or electric power generation. But can the fuel be made efficiently?


In Search of the Best (Energy) Ideas: A Q&A with ARPA-E's Arun Majumdar

Majumdar is stepping down after three years at the head of the U.S. Department of Energy's advanced energy research arm


Fossil Free: Microbe Helps Convert Solar Power to Liquid Fuel

By pairing biology and photovoltaics, a new "electrofuel" system could build alternative fuels


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