The 40th Anniversary of Apollo 8's Journey to the Moon

It was a first not only for NASA, but for humanity. As the world bore witness, a redesigned Apollo spacecraft, tested in space with a crew only once before, carried three astronauts to orbit the moon

Apollo 8: When Mankind First Shook Earth's Kindly Bounds

Soaring faster and farther than humans had ever gone before, Borman, Lovell and Anders cut a trail to the moon for Neil Armstrong's "giant leap" seven months later


Apollo 8: Flying into Space History during a Moment of Public Enthusiasm

It was a time of high excitement. But the U.S. public's support of manned space exploration was already ebbing


Moon Lust: Will International Competition or Cooperation Return Humans to the Moon?

The U.S. has been there, but now that many countries have joined the club of space-faring nations, which will be the first to return?


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