The Future of Climate Change

As the world negotiates in Durban, climate change continues unabated--and greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise

Climate Talks Consensus: All Countries Should Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions--In Future

In a frantic late night rush, a plan to come up with a plan for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of all countries passed muster at the U.N.'s annual climate negotiations


Climate Negotiations Fail to Keep Pace with Science

The latest research shows that climate talks must lead to more aggressive action to avoid the catastrophic effects of global warming


Catastrophic Climate Could Be Forestalled by Cutting Overlooked Gases [Slide Show]

Carbon dioxide gets all the attention, but there are a host of compounds responsible for global warming


What Is the Right Number to Combat Climate Change?

Is there a safe level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to prevent "dangerous anthropogenic interference" in the climate?


Durban Deal May Bring Climate Change Action into 21st Century

As time ran out on the latest international climate change negotiations, an agreement was reached that includes all significant countries in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases. David Biello reports


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