Forecasting the Future of Cloud Computing

Scientific American examines cloud computing, a network-centric approach to delivering information and services

Online 24/7: "Life Logging" Pioneer Clarifies the Future of Cloud Computing

Microsoft researcher Gordon Bell, paperless for more than a decade, envisions data centers saturated with information and services readily available via the Internet


Forecast for Processing and Storing Ever-Expanding Science Data: Cloudy

Outsourced computing power and an abundance of data storage has researchers looking online for resources to help them tackle tough problems


From Dot.Coms to Cloud Computing: What's Old Is New Again

At times it seems cloud computing has no more definition than the atmospheric phenomenon after which it is named


What Is the Best Way to Protect U.S. Critical Infrastructure from a Cyber Attack?

Egypt's Internet shutdown and recent U.S. legislation proposing expanded White House control of critical infrastructure cyber security have conjured images of a government-controlled Internet kill switch


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