Consumer Electronics: More Than Just Fun and Games

Video games, e-readers, smart phones and other gadgets have changed the way we interact with each other and the world around us. What's next?

Better Broadband: New Regulatory Rules Could Change the Way Americans Get Online

An upcoming Federal Communications Commission decision should improve high-speed Internet access in the U.S., which has fallen behind other nations


Binary Body Double: Microsoft Reveals the Science Behind Project Natal for Xbox 360

The software company studied the human body to train its latest motion-tracking gaming technology to work without the need for controllers


Want TV in 3-D? Then You'll Still Have to Wear Silly Glasses--At Least for Another Decade

As major TV manufacturers prepare to role out stereoscopic 3-D displays that require glasses, researchers are experimenting with ways of delivering 3-D to the naked eye


Magic Fingers: Digging Into Multi-Touch Technology with Both Hands

Perceptive Pixel chief scientist Jefferson Han has big plans for changing how people use computers


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