Ebola: What You Need to Know

As Ebola crisis unfolds in West Africa, the scramble for answers and medications is ongoing

A Day in the Life of an Ebola Worker

Denial, violence and fear make it difficult to stamp out Ebola in west Africa


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    • Science Talk Podcast Ebola Expert Update

      Ebola Expert Update

      Scientific American health and medicine correspondent Dina Fine Maron talks about Ebola with tropical medicine and infectious disease expert Daniel Bausch of Tulane University at the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene


      November 5, 2014 |

    • 60-Second Health Podcast Plan Now for Future Ebola Outbreaks

      Plan Now for Future Ebola Outbreaks

      Diagnostics, vaccines and new drugs could vastly improve the way future Ebola outbreaks manifest in Africa, according to emerging infectious disease expert Jeremy Farrar. Steve Mirsky reports


      October 31, 2014 |

    • 60-Second Health Podcast Ebola Efforts Helped by Flu Shots

      Ebola Efforts Helped by Flu Shots

      Should Ebola continue to crop up in the U.S., having fewer people coming to emergency rooms with the similar symptoms of flu will help the public health system respond. Steve Mirsky reports


      October 24, 2014 |

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