New Challenges for Evolution Education

Five years after the Dover trial pushed intelligent design out of public school classrooms, how has evolution instruction fared?

Evolution Abroad: Creationism Evolves in Science Classrooms around the Globe

Education experts suggest that in some cultural contexts one way to encourage acceptance of evolution is by not shunning religious beliefs


The Scopes Strategy: Creationists Try New Tactics to Promote Anti-Evolutionary Teaching in Public Schools

Under the guise of "academic freedom" creationists are co-opting some old heroes of the fight to teach evolution in the classroom for their anti-science campaign


The Education of Jennifer Miller: An Update from the Frontline in the Fight against the Anti-Evolution Agenda

Darwin may have won in Kitzmiller v. Dover, but five years later has evolution education evolved? A biology teacher who testified in the Dover trial talks about what she faces in the classroom every day, and why teachers need to be prepared


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