The Science of Fatherhood

A look at research into the paternal bond and how evolution and modern society combine to shape the experience of fatherhood

How Dads Develop

When men morph into fathers, they experience a neural revival that benefits their children


Beyond Condoms: The Long Quest for a Better Male Contraceptive

For decades new, reliable contraceptives for men have seemed imminent. Why isn't there one available yet?


Family Guy: Fathers No Longer Just Backup Parents

Move over, "mommy brain". Men go through their own biological changes after a baby is born. But dads are programmed to challenge their kids, not coddle them


Father Nature: 8 Great, Super-Dedicated Animal Dads [Slide Show]

What other species' padres should we be saluting this Father's Day?


Fact or Fiction: Do Babies Resemble Their Fathers More Than Their Mothers?

Recent studies do not support the claim of an enhanced resemblance between fathers and their young offspring


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