The Future of Trains

As the United States gears up for Thanksgiving and its busiest travel week of the year, might high-speed trains get people where they're going faster in the near future?

U.S. High-Speed Rail Projects Aim to Catch Up [Slide Show]

The Obama administration will make up to $13 billion available for high-speed railroad projects across the nation, which lags far behind the fast railways of Asia and Europe


Will Federal Stimulus Money Spark a High-Speed Rail Renaissance in the U.S.?

The drive for energy conservation coupled with the recession has the U.S. switching policy tracks with its push to develop a high-speed rail transportation network. But does it have enough engineering expertise to do it right?


Can America's Trains Go High-Speed?

The government is pushing for it, but are high speed trains even possible in the U.S.? David Biello reports


All Aboard the Eco-Express: Rail's Hybrid Energy Solutions

Green transportation is gaining momentum on U.S. railways


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