2008 Gadget Guide presents some of this year's most exciting high-tech toys as well as gadgets to make the planet greener and inventions designed to deliver the most basic needs to developing countries

2008 Gadget Guide: 33 Technology Innovations [Slide Show]

Holiday gift list: 13 high-tech toys, plus 20 green gadgets and socially responsible inventions


2008 Gadget Guide: 11 Socially Responsible Inventions to Save the World

Devices to pump and filter water, protect against disease-carrying insects, and more


2008 Gadget Guide: 12 Ways to Go Green [Slide Show]

Just in time for the holidays: an electricity monitor, a water-powered clock, a light made from textiles, and more


The Key to Smaller, More Powerful Gadgets

Current ways of storing information on PCs and cell phones won't cut it as memory demands grow and devices shrink


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