What's Next for AIDS: New Approaches for Tackling HIV in the Developing World

The surprise success this summer of a clinical trial on an antiretroviral-based vaginal microbicide provides new traction for efforts to combat AIDS in the developing world. Here are some new directions to expect for treatment and prevention of this widespread killer

Staying Negative: How an Unexpected Antiretroviral Result Is Reshaping the Battle Against AIDS

Success of a vaginal microbicide gel reveals how HIV-prevention strategies can emerge from progress in treatment


A Failed "War on Drugs" Prompts Rethinking on HIV Infections among Injection-Drug Users

Drug policy has focused on a policing approach of prohibition and incarceration, which has contributed to spreading HIV within the injection-drug community. Comprehensive drug reform policies are showing better results


Closeted Calamity: The Hidden HIV Epidemic of Men Who Have Sex with Men

A paucity of research on men who have sex with other men has done a disservice to efforts to prevent the spread of HIV


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