NASA's Curiosity Rover Touches Down on Mars

The car-size Curiosity rover could help answer the big question: Was Mars ever habitable?

Ready to Rove: Curiosity Project Scientist Lays Out Mars Tour Plans

After engineers run a months-long setup of the Mars Science Laboratory, now parked in a crater, scientists will take the rover on a nearly two-year journey that includes a visit to a six-kilometer-high mountain


NASA's Curiosity Rover Lands Safely on Mars

The elaborate landing of the $2.5-billion mission went off without apparent incident


Mapping Mars: Where Have All the Landers Gone? [Interactive]

The first man-made object to land on Mars arrived 40 years ago this month, and NASA's Curiosity rover should soon depart for the Red Planet. Here is a look at where humankind's many Mars landers have touched down, and where the planet betrays a history of all-important liquid water. Find out more in Exploring the Red Planet


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