The Fight Against Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis

A look at efforts to stem the pandemic that is sweeping countries from Lesotho to Russia

What's the Rx for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis? Hard Work--And Imagination

A rising star in public health is showing the world that the deadliest strains of tuberculosis can be treated anywhere


New Tactics in the Fight against Tuberculosis

The pandemic is growing in many places, and strains resistant to all existing drugs are emerging. To fight back, biologists are applying a host of cutting-edge drug development strategies


Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis in Russia

Merrill Goozner traveled to Siberia to find out if rising rates of MDR-TB in Russia can be curbed


Infected and Imprisoned: Tuberculosis in a Siberian Jail [Slide Show]

The plight of inmates with TB in Russia's Tomsk Province


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