Personalized Medicine in the Genomic Era

When the human genome draft was announced 10 years ago, many researchers and policymakers anticipated using the newly sequenced code to develop a wealth of diagnostic and treatment capabilities. But the genetic components of disease have proved more complex

Genome Sequencing for the Rest of Us

Even as scans get faster and cheaper, many diseases still have unknown or sketchy genetic correlates. How much stock should consumers put in personal genome sequencing?


Vaccinomics: Scientists Are Devising Your Personal Vaccine

A new breed of vaccine is being developed that will make possible immunizations tailored to your genetic profile. But how long will it be until your personalized booster shots are ready?


Vaccines Derived from Patients' Tumor Cells Are Individualizing Cancer Treatment

As researchers learn more about genetic profile of various cancers, other work is charging ahead to deliver personalized vaccines targeted to a patient's own tumor cells


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