Stimulating Science: Following the Recovery Money

One year ago, Congress passed and President Barack Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law, which handed out billions of dollars for science, health, energy and other research. How is that money being spent?

Is the Recovery Act Stimulating Science and the Economy?

Most of the National Science Foundation's $3 billion from the stimulus package has been distributed, but hardly any of it has been spent


Shot in the Arm: Has the U.S. Invested Enough Health Stimulus Money in Prevention?

To help boost the physical--and financial--health of Americans, the stimulus bill sent more than $122 billion to Health and Human Services. How much of that is helping to minimize visits to--and dollars spent on--the doctor?


Science, Stimulated: 7 Stimulus-Funded Research Projects [Slide Show]

From building robotic bees to studying real mosquitoes, these researchers were able to pursue their scientific dreams thanks to being banked by 2009 economic recovery act funding


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