Robotic Exploration of the Solar System

Five decades after the U.S.S.R.'s Luna 2 moon probe became the first spacecraft to land on another celestial body, we look at the past accomplishments and tantalizing future of unmanned space exploration

Salvaging NASA's Planetary Grand Tour: Sending Voyager 2 Where No Probe Had Gone Before--Or Since

The twin Voyagers set the pace for planetary exploration. And although the technology on new probes far surpasses theirs, no other spacecraft has yet explored more of the solar system and its interstellar environs


Phobos-Grunt Probe to Put Microbial Life in Mars Orbit

A tagalong to the Russian sample-return mission makes some researchers uncomfortable


Target Europa: Ambitious Plans Aim for Jupiter's Ocean Moon

NASA is planning to send an orbiter to Europa as part of an international fleet of probes slated to explore Jupiter's environs that may even include a landing on the intriguing moon


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