Robots Among Us

The future always promised us robots that would walk, talk and think like us. So, where are they?

Natural Born Automatons: Next-Gen Robots Take Cues from Biology

How a new generation of robots is taking its inspiration from the natural world (and helping biologists learn more about it)


Can Robots Be Programmed to Learn from Their Own Experiences?

Researchers program robots to see if they can learn a very human trait: common sense


Analyzing What Robots Tell Us About Human Nature: A Q&A with Will Wright

You don't truly appreciate the complexity of life until you try to reverse engineer and recreate it, he says


Rise of the Machines: RoboGames Gears Up for 2009 [Slide Show]

The world's biggest open robotics competition showcases martial and creative arts, from mechanized kung fu to cyber painting and bartending


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