What Is the Smart Grid?

Updating the aging electricity grid may save money, energy and greenhouse gas emissions

The Start-Up Pains of a Smarter Electricity Grid

The smart grid will save energy and money, but implementation may prove costly


Behind the Light Switch: What Will a Smart Grid Look Like? [Slide Show]

A nut-and-bolts, transformer-and-cable view of the power grid as it gets smarter


A Spin on Efficiency: Generating Tomorrow's Electricity from Better Turbines

Improving turbines, which lie at the core of a modern power grid, is all about standing up to the heat


Securing the Smart Grid

The grid's flow of data is supposed to improve energy delivery but must be protected from hackers' prying eyes


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    • May 2007 Preventing Blackouts

      Preventing Blackouts

      A smarter power grid that automatically responds to problems could reduce the rising number of debilitating blackouts

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