Adapting to the Freshwater Crisis

Forward-thinking experts are getting a better handle on the growing global water shortage and coming up with innovative approaches to ensuring the security, safety and sustainability of this resource

Baked Australia: Water Management Lessons for the World from Down Under

Australia is at the forefront of a global water crisis. Some of the management lessons learned there could help bail out California and other parched regions before they meet the same fate


Tree Ring Science and Tomorrow's Water

Tree ring expert Kevin Anchukaitis, of the tree ring lab at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, part of Columbia University's Earth Institute, talks about the information available in tree rings. And Colin Chartres, the director general of the International Water Management Institute, talks to Lynne Peeples about water issues. Plus, we test your knowledge of some recent science in the news, specifically the November issue of Scientific American magazine. Web sites related to this episode include;


Is Northwestern India's Breadbasket Running Out of Water?

A new study using satellite data suggests the region is using more groundwater than is being replenished by rainfall


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