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Helping Your Child Delay Gratification

A recent twist on the famous "marshmallow test" for children finds that environment and experience play a big role in a child's ability to resist temptation. Christie Nicholson reports

October 15, 2012

Books, February 1986

Is crime in the genes? The answer may depend on who chooses what evidence

February 1, 1986 — Leon J. Kamin

Kahneman and Bentham's Bucket of Happiness

We need a new happiness. The one most people use now is confusing even our smartest scientists. The problems start with "Bentham's bucket error" but Plato's pastry and a rare case of reality in Freud can revive healthier pursuits of happiness.Daniel Kahneman, who has plausibly been called the "most important psychologist alive today," has spent a decade experimenting with "hedonimetrics," which analyzes "single happiness values" assigned to each moments felt pleasure or pain.

May 3, 2013 — Jag Bhalla

Extra, Extra

Science and Science Writing You’ve checked out the new blog, Child’s Play, I’m writing with Melody Dye over at Scientopia, right?

August 8, 2010 — Jason G. Goldman

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