2008 Gadget Guide: 33 Technology Innovations [Slide Show]

Holiday gift list: 13 high-tech toys, plus 20 green gadgets and socially responsible inventions
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Channel-Changer Ray Gun:

Don't just watch science fiction on your TV, become a part of it by adding this ray gun–shaped remote to your collection. Price tag: about $15 for the joy of disintegrating a heinous reality show or vaporizing a bloviating pundit.....[ More ]

DEOS Group, LLC's diamond-studded earbuds:

Apple may offer about a dozen different types of iPod, but they all come with the same boring earbuds. DEOS is offering to add bling to your beat (and your iPhone) with three different styles of its diamond-studded covers (which slip over the standard-issue white buds).....[ More ]

WowWee's FlyTech Bladestar:

The Bladestar is a helicopterlike flying toy that includes a navigation sensor to help keep it from slamming into walls and ceilings. (It's not made to be used outdoors.) Multiple Bladestars can engage in living-room aerial battles by exchanging infrared pulses.....[ More ]

Belkin International, Inc.'s RockStar:

RockStar is a hub for connecting up to five sets of headphones to the same MP3 player, making it possible to share the listening experience without having to pass around your iPod. Price tag: $20....[ More ]

3M Mobile Privacy Film:

This mobile phone screen cover works in a way similar to vertical blinds--the film features a microlouver technology that makes LCD screens appear dark when viewed at an angle. This helps prevent strangers (or even family, friends and acquaintances) from invading personal space and viewing sensitive or personal information.....[ More ]

Other mini projectors include:

Olens Technology's XPJ-USA010 Personal Entertainment Projector, priced at $300; and Optoma's PK-101 (not pictured), expected to run about $400 when released early next year.....[ More ]


BeamBox's W-1 and B-1 (which come in white and black, respectively) are each about the size of two decks of cards and are able to display a 42-inch (106.7-centimeter) image, diagonally, from less than five feet (1.5 meters) away from the screen (a wall or any white surface).....[ More ]

Mini projectors:

Mini digital projectors (also called "pico" projectors) the size of an iPhone are sprouting up to provide "big-screen" viewing of movies, videos and other visuals stored on iPods, PCs, gaming systems and other devices.....[ More ]

Flight Motion Simulators, Inc.'s Dreamflyer:

The Dreamflyer is a three-foot (0.9-meter) by six-foot (1.8-meter) virtual-reality flight motion simulator with a black powder-coated aluminum frame and sports seat that faces up to three video monitors portraying images of flight.....[ More ]

Hoverit, Ltd.'s Lounger:

Inspired by Luke Skywalker's hovering Landspeeder in the Star Wars films, Hoverit's acrylic Lounger uses repelling magnetic forces in both the chair and base to keep the chair aloft. The chair measures six feet (1.8 meters) long by 3.3 feet (one meter) high by 3.3 feet wide.....[ More ]

Video eyewear:

Virtual reality visors are challenging flat-screen plasma TVs to provide the best experience for watching movies, playing video games or surfing the Web. Here are a few examples. Vuzix Corp.'s latest entry in the video eyewear market is its iWear AV310 Widescreen, which fits over the wearer's eyes like a virtual reality visor should and replicates the effect of watching a 52-inch (130-centimeter) screen.....[ More ]

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