SciAm's 2010 Gadget Guide: 10 Gizmos Taking Digital Learning and Entertainment to the Next Level [Slide Show]

Big pop-tech dominated the headlines this year, so we present an array of mainly pint-size products that may have sneaked under your radar
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GeoPalz, Inc. , in July introduced a lineup of pedometers designed to appeal to children (thanks to some cool designs), plus a Web site that can be used to track each child's progress. The site awards points to GeoPalz users that can be traded for prizes.....[ More ]


Cell phone cameras have become a viable alternative to pocket-size digital cameras, so why not start taking your cell phone photography seriously? Photojojo offers two lenses—one fish-eye and the other a combination wide-angle/macro—that connect magnetically around a cell phone lens.....[ More ]


Are you sure you have your mobile phone with you each morning as you're rushing out the door to go to work? Attach ZOMM, LLC's alarm to your key ring and, assuming you haven't also forgotten your keys, the device—four centimeters in diameter—will start to flash and vibrate when it gets more than nine meters from your phone.....[ More ]


Livio Radio featuring the Pandora Internet radio service is a retro-looking music player that can access online music from any wi-fi (wireless) or ethernet (wired) connection without the need for a computer.....[ More ]


Literacy Bridge's Talking Book is a handheld, battery-powered device designed to help improve reading skills through a variety of pronunciation, vocabulary-building and reading-comprehension activities.....[ More ]


Wish you could walk and work at the same time? Well, TrekDesk's Treadmill Desk is designed to help you do just that with a 183- by 86-centimeter work surface that can handle up to 25 kilograms of work equipment and fits most standard treadmills.....[ More ]


Germany's Senso Solutions GmbH's SensoGlove is a golf glove with built-in digital sensors that continuously reads the user's grip pressure to provide instant feedback at all the points of the swing.....[ More ]


Cernium Corp.'s Archerfish Solo Interactive Video Monitoring and Recording System , introduced earlier this year, records and analyzes video footage and can transmit video clips and notifications via a wireless router to a cell phone or other mobile device.....[ More ]


KYE Systems Corp.'s Genius FaceCam 1000 is a low-cost Web camera that supports 720p high-definition resolution, can rotate 360 degrees and comes bundled with CrazyTalk Cam Suite PRO software that enables you to upload video to YouTube and create animated on-screen avatars.....[ More ]


There is no shortage of ways to listen to your digital tunes these days, whether you're plugged into your iPod or Droid, playing satellite radio in your car or have Pandora Internet radio running on your computer.....[ More ]

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