Scientific American Presents the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) [Slide Show]

Justin Bieber traded dance moves with a robot, there were "cloud-connected" concept cars, not to mention a 3-D printer that spit out toys, jewelry and more. They were some choice highlights among the thousands of tech novelties that lit up Las Vegas at the annual exhibition
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Innvo Labs's Yurbot is a USB-connected computer "companion" whose joystick-like body and cyclopean eye respond to cursor movement, keyboard strokes, audio output and voice prompts—all with the goal of making computer users smile, according to the bot's makers.....[ More ]


Vietnamese robotics company TOSY received a visit from Justin Bieber at its booth on the CES floor, where the pop star matched moves with the company's new mRobo Ultra Bass dancing robot. The mRobo—or maybe it was Bieber—attracted quite a crowd as CES attendees surrounded the TOSY booth.....[ More ]


To ride the Solowheel , a gyrostabilized electric unicycle made by Inventist, Inc., you put one foot on the side platform and push off. Once you get going, the other foot goes on the other platform. ....[ More ]


Daymak, Inc.'s, Shadow Ebike is a wireless power-assist electric bicycle that has no brake or gear cables nor any electrical wiring from the motor, batteries, controller or throttle. The average range is up to 25 kilometers with just motor power and about 40 kilometers with pedal-assist.....[ More ]


Former Olympic skier Austin Cummings shows off Polk Audio's Ultra-fit sports headphones during a trampoline demonstration at CES. The headphones are designed to stay put regardless of what you're doing, whether hitting the treadmill or performing snowboard backflips, as Cummings demonstrated.....[ More ]


Eye candy at the NRG Energy, Inc., booth included an all-electric version of DeLorean's DMC-12. The DMCev (for "electric vehicle") might not run on plutonium or Mr. Fusion , or use a flux capacitor, but Doc Brown would have been proud nonetheless.....[ More ]


A number of tech companies—including Alcatel–Lucent, Genetec, Livecast, Vidyo and Voxer—collaborated to create the Striker , a public safety vehicle featuring a 4G LTE communications platform that can send and receive high-definition video to better prepare emergency responders before the arrive on scene.....[ More ]


MakerBot Industries showed off jewelry, gadgets and toys, like this rocketship, fabricated by its desktop Replicator 3-D printer. Once a design is loaded, the device deposits raw materials such as ABS (a copolymer that is the main ingredient in Legos) or PLA (a biodegradable thermoplastic made from corn) layer by layer until they are built up into the desired shape.....[ More ]


Splash! Gadgets treated with Liquipel (pictured) and HzO's WaterBlock demonstrated their imperviousness to water. During application, vaporous Liquipel is introduced into a vacuum chamber, where it coats a mobile phone and is then baked to bind it to the surface.....[ More ]


Not to be outdone, Ford showed off its "cloud-connected" plug-in hybrid Evos Concept , which made its North American debut at CES. (It was first unveiled at least year's Frankfurt Motor Show.) Like other connected cars at the show, Evos is designed to leverage 4G LTE wireless to keep driver and passengers in touch with the Web while on the road.....[ More ]


Sophisticated materials meet a playful soapbox-racer design in the Audi Urban Concept . The German automaker's electric-powered two-seater is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. The vehicle, which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011, features two electric motors between its rear wheels and is designed to appeal to affluent urbanites.....[ More ]


A wine bottle and a flower inspired the lush look of these $68,000 stereo speakers, which have a base of polished aluminum and combine simulated wood grain, gold plating and red leather studded with "Russian" diamonds (high-quality cubic zirconias).....[ More ]

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