Smartwatch Locator for Children:

It’s probably not practical to entrust small children with a smartphone that can easily be lost or broken. That’s why FilLIP Technologies, Inc., has created a colorful wrist-worn device that can be used to call, text or locate children. Using the FiLIP app, parents can preprogram five phone numbers into what is basically a wearable GSM cell phone. FiLIP also includes GPS, GSM cell tower location and wi-fi hotspot triangulation capabilities to keep tabs on the watch’s location whether it’s indoors or outside. Parents can track their child’s movement via an app on their own smartphone, assuming, of course, that the child doesn’t take off the watch. FiLIP has been available only since November, so it probably won’t gain traction until the coming year.
Price: $200 (plus $10 per month for AT&T’s mobile services)

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